Spam, spam, go away, don’t come back another day!

I am rid of spam!  YES, it’s true!  Just in the last few months, as many of you have experienced, the volume of spam I was receiving was increasing drastically.  I was getting 200+ spam email messages a day, and it was killing my productivity and frustrating me to no end.  Just scanning the subject lines and deleting was costing me precious time, and some spam messages were causing my Treo handheld to reset upon email retrieval.  I’ve tried several end-user anti-spam filters, and nothing was doing the trick.  Add to that multiple domains, email addresses, and aliases, and the problem was compounding daily. 

ENTER Mail Foundry.  My webmaster, Lance Gibb, installed the appliance on his server, routed my mail (all addresses, domains, aliases) through it, and TA-DA!  No more spam.  No kidding!  99% is gone.  At the end of each day, I receive a quarantine digest of all messages MailFoundry grabbed, and I have the option of releasing them back to my in-box and tagging them as not spam.  I have only had one or two messages with false positives.  I can also report messages I receive in error that are actually spam and should be grabbed next time. 

You could even do it yourself, if you own your own domain, have total control of your domain, and know all the technical details of how to route your mail.  But it’s just as easy to contact your webmaster and recommend MailFoundry. The best part yet?  It’s FREE!  I highly recommend it.

Merry Christmas!  No spam is my best business present to myself!