Keys to manage a busy life

Read an article called Keys to manage a busy life by Amanda Cuda (who also happened to interview me for this article and featured my new book).

I like the lessons learned from the woman in her case study, “With so much going on, Winter has learned to organize and prioritize just so she can stay on top of her life. For instance, she’s let go of housework, hiring someone to clean the house every other week. Working at home allows her to be available if her daughter needs her.”

I recently realized the value of having a housekeeper.  No, I’m not lazy.  Yes, it can be expensive.   It costs me now $100 every other week.  But think about how much you drop going out to eat or buying clothes or on entertainment.  You just have to decide where your priorities are.  Because after work, whereas most people are doing laundry and cleaning the house, I’m spending time with my family. Just like the Mastercard commercial: priceless.  I also don’t watch the 2.7 hours of television Americans average each day.

You want to find more time and manage a busy life?  Get someone to clean your house and turn off the television.  That will be a great start.  Then hire someone to do your laundry.  But that’s another day…