Get back to your hotel earlier

So I check into the Crowne Plaza today. Executive level. Nice suite. A neat package on my bed, based on advice from a sleep expert, Michael Breus of SoundSleep Solutions, containing ear plugs, eye mask, lavender spray, and a sleep CD. Amazing. I go over to the concierge lounge to get a snack and a glass of wine. Settle in. Two businessmen enter, bartender greets them as they are obviously regulars like NORM, "Hey! Got out a bit sooner tonight!" "Yeah," one replies, "we were able to leave earlier than usual." I about fall over. Wouldn’t it be cool to partner with a hotel in a similar fashion, to help their guests be more productive at the client site, so they could leave the office earlier, get back to the hotel sooner, and enjoy the amenities the hotel has to offer…like the sleep package…the thick duvet mattress…the free internet, etc. What do you think?  Know any hotel executives?