Television needs a time management lesson

People always tell me how lucky I am to have the opportunity to be on television.  "Wow, it must be nice to be such a celebrity!" they say.  Right.  So I’m supposed to appear on the CBS Early Show on June 26, live, to be interviewed about my newest book, Find More Time.  I give up a weekend day with my family and make the long trek from Denver to NYC on Sunday.  I arrive, fight NYC traffic for 90 minutes, check into my hotel, get something to eat alone (by the way, Sarabeth’s Kitchen has the best tomato soup I’ve ever had; their preserves are fabulous too), and sit down to think about the interview.  Phone rings.  It’s the PR rep for my publisher.  "Your segment’s been bumped," she says.  "Huh?" I ask, intelligently.  "Oh don’t worry, they’re still going to tape it."  So you mean to tell me I flew all the way out here for a live interview that will now be a taped interview, which I could have done in the CBS studio 20 minutes up the road from me?  Lovely.  I just sent an email out to my list of 10,000 subscribers to watch the show.  Now I have to send out another email saying, "never mind."  So now I’ve bothered people twice for no reason.  "That’s just the way television is," everyone reassures me.  Gee, maybe they need to hire me to teach them a time management lesson.  So I have to hang out in the green room and watch as the time for my "live" slot comes and goes.  Guess what was on?  Wallabies.  Freaking wallabie.  Now of course I don’t ever get a straight answer from the producer as to why I’m bumped.  My guess?  There was another author on in the same show touting her book (wedding book, totally different than mine).  I’m guessing another producer (there a bunch of them) screwed up and double-booked another author on the same show.  Communication will go a long way in running a smooth show.  A little honesty would go even farther in maintaining relationships.  The tape is scheduled to play on July 6…but I’m not counting on it.