National Leave the Office Earlier Day

Today is National Leave the Office Earlier Day!  To get you out on time today, some last-minute reminders:

1. When you leave tonight, make sure you’ve identified the top 2-3 things you absolutely must accomplish before you leave the office Friday.  Do those first!
2. Turn off your email alerts and only handle email 2-3 times tomorrow.  Go to Tools, Options, Preferences tab, Email options, advanced email options, and uncheck the four boxes under when new items arrive in my in-box.
3. Be disciplined about the length of your socializing.  Tell your colleagues about the day and that you are committed to only working 8 hours today instead of your usual 9-12.
4. Stay off non-work related Internet sites, just for the day.  You can do it!  The average worker spends 3.6 hours a week surfing non-work related sites, so that will save you some time right there.
Since you’ll be busy working tomorrow, you will not hear from me.  So I’m attaching some free goodies a day early to thank you for participating and encourage you to keep on trekking the productivity trail.   Have fun!
P.S.  Watch for my newest book in bookstores June 13!  Buy it from June 13 only, forward me your receipt, and I’ll send you some other free stuff.