Productivity Tips Offered by Readers

I’m looking for information on cool, hip, useful, inventive, fresh, efficient products, processes, and services to help average Americans save time and money.  Please comment with tips, Web sites, examples, press information, photos, how you’re using it, etc., for possible inclusion in an upcoming story.  Here’s one submission from a reader to get your creative juices flowing:

<< Laura, I’ve started making my own list of time savers (some of which inspired by your first book):

1.      Ordering groceries via the last Saturday of each month.

2.      Ordering sundries/household items and pharmacy item via the last Sunday of each month.

3.      Get laundry picked up and delivered to my apartment each Friday.

4.      Using electronic post-it notes for my laptop to catch miscellaneous notes. (NOTE FROM LAURA: Get a 30-day free trial of this software at  Or just use Outlook Notes.)

5.      Cleaning out my email/voicemail boxes and cleaning up my PC every Friday before work so I don’t have to do it throughout the week.

6.      Using Pre-Packaged coffee in the a.m.

7.      Doing my budget and home cleaning the same time each week.

8.      Quarterly check-ins on my short and long term goals for the year.

Still always looking for ways to grab a little extra energy in the late afternoon, and the peppermint tea has been helpful.

Elizabeth W. >>