Become a Microsoft Outlook Email Cracker-Jack

Become a Microsoft Outlook Email Cracker-Jack with Laura Stack!
Managing Your Workflow and Keeping Your Inbox Empty

5 one-hour training videos for $99


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Do you have thousands of emails in your inbox and spend far too much time staying on top of it?

Watch these five online one-hour training videos with Laura Stack and complete assignments in between. Reference a detailed workbook for each session with screen shots and step-by-step instructions. The videos have no time limit (you own them forever), so you can watch them over and over again.

How do you know if you need this training? You need this course if you currently:

* Put things to do on your calendar
* Use your inbox like a quasi-to do list
* Mark emails as Unread
* Flag emails for follow-up
* Forget to do things you promised
* Clean up your inbox

Here are some of the strategies you’ll learn:

  1. Reducing: reducing the volume of inbound messages
  2. Filtering: automatically removing, moving, or filing certain types of communication
  3. Converting: switching emails into meetings or to-do items
  4. Prioritizing: triaging the actions inside the emails and knowing what to do next
  5. Writing: responding quickly with emails that are actually read
  6. Scheduling: blocking out time to work on email without having it take over your day
  7. Alternating: using other tools except email to complete certain tasks
  8. Speeding: using templates, quicksteps, multi-actions, and short keys to perform email tasks more efficiently
  9. Emptying: learning a step-by-step process to get to Inbox Zero every day (where do they go?)
  10. Saving: stop using email folders and find what you want when you want it (no, your inbox is not a filing system either)

NOTE: This is a single-user license. Course materials aren’t to be shared, distributed, or displayed in a group setting. Please respect the license and purchase one per participant.

NOTE: If you prefer, you can purchase 12 one-hour Microsoft Outlook instruction videos (demonstrated by Laura on her computer), or the same content, broken into 200+ shorter videos, also for $99.