Accelerate Your Productivity

Accelerate Your Productivity


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Accelerate Your Productivity with Laura Stack!

Running late lately? Feeling overwhelmed? Need to hit the next level of success? Like to have a coach to help you get organized? Now you can!

You’ll receive 8 one-hour online rocket-boosting productivity videos in this series. You’ll see exactly why it’s been said that Laura Stack can do the work of five people. For each video’s focus area, Laura will show you exactly how she does it, using her own systems for demonstration.

Video 1: To-do lists/prioritizing/decision-making
Video 2: Email/tracking pending items/projects/delegation
Video 3: Scheduling/calendaring/appointments
Video 4: Planning/daily/weekly/monthly/annually
Video 5: Time/effective systems/devices/consolidation
Video 6: Organizing/technology/paper/software
Video 7: Focus/distractions/multi-tasking/concentration
Video 8: Bringing it all together/boundaries/timewasters

These videos do not expire, and you can watch them over and over again!