The Productivity Pro Store

Thanks for visiting the Productivity Pro Store!  Here you can purchase access to all of Laura’s great digital content on a variety of subjects.

All of our digital educational resources are made available through our 3rd party provider Once you’ve made your purchase, simply install the Revizzit app and you’ll be able to stream your purchase instantly on PC, Mac, or iOS. No need to download huge files or wait for something to come in the mail – simply open the app and enjoy your purchase on-demand, wherever you are!


Laura LIVE – Want to bring Laura onsite to train your team but don’t have the budget to bring her in person? Here’s the next best thing—a recorded half-day presentation of LAURA LIVE on stage. Comes with a detailed workbook to share with your team to work the program together.

Laura’s STACKS – (Get it?) offer a special bundle of products each month by Laura Stack around a particular theme, specially priced for a high-value, low-cost educational offering. Each STACK includes three one-hour online training videos and three 30-minute audio books with transcript.

Outlook Training – Get 12 one-hour Microsoft Outlook instructions videos (demonstrated by Laura on her computer), or the same content, broken into 200+ shorter videos. Each video is accompanied by a detailed workbook with screen shots and step-by-step instructions.

Productivity University – Each of these online video series offer a multi-hour, self-study course on various topics, including Become an Email Crackerjack, a 30-Day Productivity Challenge, What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do, Accelerate Your Productivity, and How to Be P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-E.

Video Training: Laura offers 40 different one-hour online training courses for your team on various topics of productivity, performance, time management, organization, email control, life balance, project management, and stress control.

Audio Books: To listen in your car, on your commute, or while exercising, this is a collection of 35 different 30-minute Audio Books on various productivity topics. Each one includes a PDF eBook transcription, if you’d prefer to read it.


Self-Development Programs: These bundled collections saved you big money with Audio Books, eBooks, AND Video Training on a variety of focus areas including entrepreneurs, time management, technology & workflow, life balance, leadership, team productivity, and sales productivity.

Productivity Pro Portal: This is a free sample of Laura Stack’s complete body of work, the Productivity Portal, a library of Laura Stack’s entire body of work. Includes 100+ hours of videos, audios, webinars, Outlook training, ebooks, checklists, and workbooks for your learning.