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The “Work Less, More Success” Guide to Time Management!

In this article, I’ll give you a sneak preview of the six steps of the Productivity Workflow Formula™

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Chapter 1 Tip Sheet: Determine What To Do

How do you know what to work on?

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Chapter 2 Tip Sheet: Schedule Time To Do It

When do I find the time to do my critical tasks?

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Chapter 3 Tip Sheet: Focus Your Attention

How do I concentrate while I’m working on key tasks?

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Chapter 4 Tip Sheet: Process New Information

How do I sort through all the information coming into my life?

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Chapter 5 Tip Sheet: Close the Loop

How do I make sure my workflow process is as efficient as possible?

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Chapter 6 Tip Sheet: Manage Your Capacity

How do I have enough energy to work productively?

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