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Thank you for your purchase of Execution IS the Strategy. Here are the bonuses you requested.

1. An excerpt of the book with Table of Content, Introduction, and Chapter 1 to whet your appetite.
2. A one-year subscription to Laura Stack’s Strategic Execution online video series for leaders. Each five-minute weekly video comes with a transcript and a “training blueprint” with key points, discussion questions, and an exercise to help you take the learning back to your team. These videos provide valuable discussion points for your staff meetings.
3. A Leader Guide and a Discussion Guide to help you run a book club with your team.
4. A complimentary online assessment of the Execution Quotient from the book, to discover which of 36 obstacles are preventing your team from getting things done.
5. Leadership videos from Laura Stack. In this 4-part video training series, Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro®, presents the L-E-A-D Formula™ from her new book. You’ll receive four five-minute videos, one covering each step of the L-E-A-D Formula.
6. See links below to download thousands of dollars in educational resources from the following authors:

Joe Calloway Bonuses from Laura Stack's Execution IS the Strategy1. JOE CALLOWAY

Watch 21 Joe Calloway Leadership Videos! You’ll get 21 short Leadership & Motivation videos by Joe Calloway. Use to add some spark to your meetings or just for your own personal development.


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Dan Burrus Bonuses from Laura Stack's Execution IS the Strategy2. DANIEL BURRUS

Know What’s Next Magazine: Strategies for Transforming Your Business and Future. In this important annual publication, Daniel Burrus leading technology forecaster, strategist, and NYT & WSJ best selling author of Flash Foresight, shares what lies ahead as well as business and personal strategies that you can use to keep ahead of the competition. AND

The Technotrends Newsletter: How To Use Technology To Go Beyond Your Competition. Now in it’s 29th year of publication, The Technotrends Newsletter is a “must read” for everyone who believes in planning for the future and coming out a winner. Each issue of the newsletter includes a feature column written by Daniel Burrus that offers readers innovative strategies for the creative application of new and emerging technologies.

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Kristin Arnold bonuses from Laura Stack's Execution IS the Strategy3. KRISTIN ARNOLD

Two FREE resources to help you build and communicate your strategy

  • A one-page plan template that you can customize for your organization
  • A video that explains how to fill out the one-page plan
  • A strategic planning roadmap that you can adapt to suit your planning process
  • A video that explains the roadmap and how to use it

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Barry Banther - Bonus from Laura Stack's Execution IS the Strategy4. BARRY BANTHER

Laura Stack’s powerful and insightful perspectives on execution will propel your career forward. I have assembled over 200 podcasts and 75 managers memos in one space just for Laura Stack’s readers of Execution IS the Strategy that give more practical tips for achieving maximum execution.


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Dianna Booher--med res headshot5. DIANNA BOOHER

Communicating as a Leader (downloadable audio). As a leader, you are charged with identifying what people need to know to do their jobs well. Why do people withhold information from each other? How do you encourage cross-functional communication and create compelling conversations? What’s the best way to communicate both routine and sensitive messages––structure, phrasing, timing, connection, and context so that others accept your ideas and cooperate to make things happen? In this 35-minute recording of Communicating as a Leader, Dianna Booher provides guidelines for leaders to communicate clearly, credibly, and competently to engage their team to accomplish their mission.

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Janelle Barlow bonuses for Laura Stack's Execution IS the Strategy6. JANELLE BARLOW

Smart Videoconferencing: New Habits for Virtual Meetings (eBook). It’s the “soft” side of videoconferencing that makes many people reluctant to use virtual Meetings or on-line video presentations. Utilizing best approaches taught by media experts, this book will show you what to avoid and what to emphasize. It’s filled with funny examples of how people get into trouble with their virtual meetings and presentations.

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