Chapter Videos

The Twelve Effectiveness Principles:

Videos for each chapter of Doing the Right Things Right

As part of your book club, staff meeting, or individual study, watch each video prior to reading each chapter.

Chapter 1. Goals: Align Strategy and Objectives
VIDEO: Strategic Focus – Aligning Your Team’s Goals

Chapter 2. Change: Embrace Innovation and Adaptability
VIDEO: Creating a Positive View of Change

Chapter 3. Communication: Share Mission, Vision, and Ideas
VIDEO: Realigning to Your Workplace Mission – Your Personal Return on Investment at Work

Chapter 4. Decision Making: Resolve and Execute Decisions Promptly
VIDEO: How NOT to Decide What to Do Next – Making Great Task Choices

Chapter 5. Environment: Build an Open Team Culture
VIDEO: Building Consensus – Productive Teaming

Chapter 6. Performance: Forge a Results-Oriented Team
VIDEO: Keeping Team Productivity Flowing

Chapter 7. Motivation: Harness Creativity and Loyalty
VIDEO: Demonstrating Trust in Your Employees

Chapter 8. Growth: Emphasize Continuous Improvement
VIDEO: Creating an Environment of Accountability – reap what you sow

Chapter 9. Value: Focus on High-Impact Activities
VIDEO: The Top Six Time Wasters You Must Avoid at Work

Chapter 10. Technology: Master Data Handling and Workflow
VIDEO: Slipping the Electronic Leash

Chapter 11. Agility: Maximize Speed and Flexibility
VIDEO: Culture of Speed – How to Turn Your Team on a Dime

Chapter 12. Balance: Sustain Your Physical and Mental Health
VIDEO: Turning an Unproductive Day Around