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Building the Ideal Workplace of the Future: How Leaders Create High-Performance Work Environments

DATE: Friday, May 9, 2014
TIME: 10:00 Pacific/11:00 Mountain/12:00 Central/1:00 Eastern

This webinar is one hour in length.

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How do leaders create the ideal workplace of the future? By creating a workplace environment NOW that will attract the talent you’ll need.

To successfully execute your strategic initiatives, leaders must create a productive, high-performance work environment, which depends on the level of employee engagement, which depends on workplace culture, which guides discretionary behavior, which picks up where the employee handbook leaves off. Your workplace environment is defined by what happens when the CEO leaves the room.

Leaders must create an organizational environment in which employees strive to “own” their jobs in the best sense of the word: they take initiative to align themselves with overriding strategic goals, pitch in enthusiastically, work diligently, collaborate gracefully, and innovate without fear.

Admittedly, this is easier said than done. While you might be tempted at times, you can’t simply fire all the underperformers on your team, or you might not have much of a team left. A more effective solution is to build the environment to enable high-performance to occur.

In this webinar, Laura Stack will share from her 22 years of experience guiding leadership teams in creating high-performance workplaces:

  1. Create employees who are confident, capable, and in control of the outcome of their work
  2. Build an atmosphere that encourages and accepts change
  3. Empower people to do their work, without excessive oversight
  4. Remove obstacles that prevent employees from working productively

These critical environmental factors ensure commitment to the company’s core mission and vision, which results in greater productivity over the long term. So don your mechanic’s hat and get ready to fix anything preventing you from building the workplace of the future.

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