MP3 31. How Parents Can Help Their Children Get Organized and Learn to Be Productive

Parents can help their children with the ongoing struggles they endure: disorganized bedrooms, poor time management, problems in school, and stress. Who better to learn than from Laura Stack, mother of three and president of The Productivity Pro®, a time management training company! There are several important areas you can help your children organize to keep their home and school lives running smoothly, setting them up for success later in life:

  • Handling Difficult Transition Times
  • Creating Order, Systems, and Tools
  • Succeeding in School and Getting Organized
  • Completing Chores and Being Responsible
  • Managing Time, Activities, and Sports

Being organized is not innate: children aren’t born with this ability. With a little help from you, your children can learn to successfully manage their time. The five strategies in this audio program will teach you how to help them become productive citizens. You can discover many more systems in Laura Stack’s book: Find More Time: How to Get Things Done at Home, Organize Your Life, and Feel Great About It.

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