Organizing Your Parents’ and Grandparents’ Stuff Before They Die!

Oh my goodness.  I just spent three days in San Antonio with my grandparents going through old photo albums, packets of God-knows-how-old photos, and envelopes with miscellaneous scraps.  I HIGHLY recommend you take on this sort of project BEFORE your grandparents or parents die.  I’m not even half-way done!  I can’t imagine how people can go through someone’s things after they’re are deceased and try to figure this out!  Has anyone had this happen?  "Who’s this?"  "Uhhhh…I think that’s the neighbor’s kid in Panama…1967 or so."  "Who’s this?"  "Hmmmm…oh yeah! That was the lady who drew mom’s blood in the hospital in 1996!" And so on.  Right into the trash went those photos.  My plan of attack was to make piles for my grandparents’ seven children, plus their friends and relatives, 15 piles in all.  If the photo was clearly of one of them, it would go in that pile.  If the photo was one-of-a-kind and priceless or had several people in the photo, I’d put it in a "to be scanned" pile, which I’ll send to each uncle/aunt in the photo.  It’s quite a project.  I’d love to know how you attacked a similar project and made your way through the piles of stuff from years and years and years…


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